Vikachka & Eugene Funny Video Shows Lithunian Speaking Only Tagalog to BF’s Family

Vikachka & Eugene recently shared a funny video that shows the Lithunian speaking only Tagalog to her boyfriend and his family. Would she nail or fail the challenge? The results are actually hilarious!

Lithuanian Speaks Tagalog

Vikachka & Eugene are a mixed-race couple who went viral after the Lithunian lady traveled all the way to the Philippines to meet her Pinoy boyfriend back in 2018. At the time, they had only been chatting online in a long-distance relationship that started with a simple chat a year before.

A lot of netizens called Eugene as extremely lucky because Vikachka is so pretty and even traveled to the Philippines to meet him instead of the other way around.

But the couple had explained that Eugene would have done it but knowing how difficult it would be for a Pinoy to get a visa and how easy it would be for a European to visit the Philippines, they decided that it would be Vikachka who would take the trip. Both worked hard to earn the money for the trip.

Photo credit: Vikachka & Eugene / YouTube

Fast forward to 2020, Vikachka has gone home to Lithunia then traveled back again to the Philippines. Apparently, she’s been staying in the Philippines for quite some time and has even made an effort to learn the language.

Recently, Vikachka & Eugene shared a video of their challenge — Vikachka has to speak only Tagalog for 24 hours! Uh-oh. Can she do it?

It is so cute how Vikachka tries her best to speak the language, no matter the difficulties she experienced while trying to remember the exact words she needed for a particular sentence. Eugene even upped the challenge by bringing her to his cousin’s house where they also pranked the Lithunian girl.

Watch the funny video here:

Filipinos Getting a Visa

It is common knowledge that most Filipinos find it difficult to get a visa. Most countries want proof that you have the capacity to take the trip as a tourist and that you won’t be overstaying in their country to find a job.

To get a visa, most will be required to submit a proof of income, proof of capacity to pay for the trip (often called as ‘show money’), proof of travel plans such as hotel bookings and return tickets, and other relevant documents. But submitting these documents is just the first step of the many that Pinoys have to undergo before finally getting approved.

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