Tourists Shocked after Alligator Jumps into Their Boat

While most of us only get to see wild creatures on TV and from the internet, there are also those who are lucky enough to watch them up close in zoos – and sometimes, even in the wild! Of course, some are unlucky as their wild encounters turn out to be very dangerous!

Thankfully, there are those who got into a rather wild encounter that didn’t result to some crazy injuries and to the humans as well as the animals.

Take for instance this video shared on the Facebook page of Huffington Post UK Comedy where a group of tourists got a little too close to a basking alligator.

Because the creature was motionless as alligators and crocodiles are wont to do, the tour group probably thought they were safe; although I should say it was not a good idea for them to get too close to the wild creature – and the guide should have known better!

Screenshot from video by Huffington Post UK Comedy / Facebook

Anyway, as they joked about what the alligator could do while the guide was lecturing them about the habits and characteristics of alligators, the creature before them suddenly lunged towards them and jumped into the boat!

There was much screaming as everyone scrambled to get away from the wild creature, as it could have easily crushed them with its massive jaws and powerful tail.

It was lucky for them that the creature only tried to scare them and was soon off the boat a few seconds after it jumped in; although it was stuck a bit at the railing of the boat before it managed to wriggle itself free!

They were truly lucky – and this serves a lesson for everyone to always respect wildlife! That creature could have harmed them or it could have been harmed unnecessarily, no thanks to human intervention!

What’s the difference between alligators and crocodiles?

Photo credit: Radio Studio

The major difference between alligators and crocodiles is that alligators have U-shaped and wider snouts while crocodiles have V-shaped and pointed snouts.