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Girl Loopy From Anesthesia Proposed To Her Hot Nurse On Their First Meeting

Luke Image

We’ve all been there, we’ve all said something that we eventually regretted later.

This can either be intentional, or maybe we’ve had too many beer to drink, or sometimes when we just got off of anesthesia and we still feel groggy.

Many videos of people saying things or doing things they wouldn’t normally say and do are posted in YouTube. Thankfully when these amazing and hilarious things happen, somebody is there to film everything.

Out of all the videos we found on YouTube, this one may be a contender for the cutest mishap due to anesthesia.

An unnamed girl just came from surgery for her broken arm. They were warned that the medication that the doctors will give her will have side effects. Maybe that’s why they were ready to film the whole thing?

Luke 1

The hilarious video shows the unnamed girl still loopy and groggy from the anesthesia, but because she realized her nurse is hot, she immediately lighted up and proposed to him.

Patient: “I love you so much.”
Nurse Luke: “Well, thank you.”
Patient: “You should love me too!”

Luke 3

Luke, the hot nurse, was professional and handled the situation very classy and professionally. He would answer the girl, and then talk to the one taking the video.

At one point, Luke even predicted that the video might go viral, which it did do, no doubt about that.

Luke 2

The girl continues to propose, saying that they’ll be the cutest couple ever and that she loves him, she even sang the last part “maaaaried” a couple of times.

“We’re gonna get maaaaariiiiedd.”

Here’s the hilarious video. Enjoy!

When the video was posted in Reddit, it reached Nurse Luke and eventually, he gave his side of the story.

“Honestly, it’s basically an everyday thing. I’ve just never had someone film before. I had to go through a lot of channels to make sure that it was appropriate because the patient posted it all over social media. then it was forgotten about because it happened months and months ago. then someone I haven’t spoken to in years messaged me with a link! lol. It’s all over, youtube, ellentube and now apparently reddit. life is weird. the internet is weird. weird is good,”

Of course we won’t be able to sleep if we don’t find out who the girl was and if they ever got married, right? Upon scouring YouTube, we found out that the girl was Paris Ferguson. She actually made a video detailing everything that happened during that accident, and even gave us a reaction video of her proposal.

So guys, sadly, they didn’t get married. But who knows, when she turns 18 or something, there might be a part 2 for this cutest couple ever.


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Funny Videos

Pinoy ‘Superhero’ Tries to Blow Away the Ashes from the Erupting Mt. Mayon to ‘Protect’ His People




Filipinos are so used to danger and natural calamities that they can easily find ways to smile and have fun despite the dangerous circumstances they are facing. One proof of that is the photo of the lechon being transported amid the floods in southern Philippines last December.

Another is the silly antics of Super Nak, the self-proclaimed Pinoy ‘superhero’ who attempted to blow away the ashes from the erupting Mayon Volcano to ‘protect’ his people.

It was, of course, a joke and you should lighten up as this guy simply chose to laugh at the situation he and his kababayans are facing right now.

Photo credit: Gary Bañaga / Facebook

The erupting Mt. Mayon has been spewing ashes high up into the air, leading to ash falls in nearby towns and cities. While the hot lava and possible lahar flow to the towns are more dangerous than the ash fall, this does not mean the ash is not dangerous.

Due to its chemical components and characteristics, ash fall from the volcano is more dangerous than ‘ordinary’ dust; thus, it can lead to severe respiratory problems, especially in those who have weak immune systems or those with asthma and other pre-existing respiratory conditions.

Everyone is advised to say indoors and clean up the ash fall once the eruption stops. This is to avoid getting your homes and properties damaged by the sulfuric ash.

But if Super Nak wins in his attempt to blow away the ashes of Mt. Mayon, then his people will be protected from danger.

Yet he could barely stand up straight and tall on that low wall he climbed up to as he attempted to blow away the ashes from the volcano using his, errrrr, electric fan power tool. The videos he made were hilarious; although it was the second one that really went viral on social media.

Have a good laugh at this superhero’s silly superpowers…

This was the first video he made:

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Funny Video Of A Husband’s Magic Trick Ruined By Pregnant Wife




Magic Image

‘Boys will always be boys’ so they say.

Have you heard about your friend or neighbor who’s already married, complaining about their husband like they can’t figure out if they should get angry or just laugh because of their husband’s child-like behavior? Have you heard of them saying that having a husband is like having another child in the family?

Guess that’s absolutely true!

Just like this video where a husband is seriously playing with a cooking spoon but turned out that his wife is actually looking for it.

In the video, it seems like while in the kitchen, the husband had discovered what he can actually do with a cooking spoon!

Magic 2

It can be seen that the husband is seriously making a somewhat round silver thing float in the air, enjoying his time while his pregnant wife is busy looking for something in the background.

Magic 3

However, the magical moment of the husband did not last long for his wife had revealed his magic trick and ruin his momentum.

Magic 4

The wife can’t believe when she found out that the thing she’s looking for, which is the cooking spoon, was actually on his husband. She then hit his husband with a pot but not too hard though, just enough to reveal his magic trick.

It turned out that the silvery round thing that looks like floating in the air was actually the head of the cooking spoon!

The Trick

The trick? The man hid the cooking spoon’s handle on his armpit to create a magical vision where the head of the cooking spoon is floating in the air. What a cool and a smart man right? I’m pretty sure he managed to trick you. If not for his wife, no one would know what’s behind his magic trick.

Now, don’t you want to have a husband or a partner like this guy? Much as you want to hit him because of his immature behavior, admit it you find it cute and irresistible!

Watch the video here:

Video Link

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Savage Brother Flips The Breaker To Scare Little Sister And Friends Playing With An Ouija Board




Ouija Image

Can you imagine a simple 11-second video can make waves online and make thousands of people happy?

This prank video of a big brother to his little sister who had some friends over and was playing with an Ouija board is so simple yet a 100% brilliant move.

You must admit, as savage as it may be, this made your day.

“My sister has friends over and they’re playing with an Ouija board upstairs.”

Ouija 1

As you can tell with the caption of this video, this big brother’s little sister invited some friends to a sleepover and they are currently playing with an Ouija board.

Being a loving big brother as he was, he decided to give the girls a treat.

He went down and flipped the breakers!

The moment he flipped the breakers, you can hear the girls screaming in the background.

Ouija 2

Not quite contented with it, he flipped it back on and off several times to sweeten the prank.

Admit it, this video definitely made you smile, one way or another. Nobody got hurt, the girls had a great night, and oh yeah, the brother was satisfied.

So satisfied you can even hear his sinister chuckle as he flipped the breaker.

What a savage move you did there, big brother!

The Original

The original owner of the video is Jake Hessing, he said he posted the video on his Snapchat where his friend reposted it on iFunny. It got picked up from there and netizens can’t get over how brilliant the simple prank was.

The Aftermath

It is now known that the sister and her four friends already found out about the video. But, really, wouldn’t you agree, that we are all one in hoping to get a glimpse of how the sister will get her revenge?

We’re all waiting for the sister’s revenge here.

Watch the video below:

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