MUST-WATCH: Amputee Toddler Does Breakdancing in Hospital Bed

A four-year-old amputee from Enshi City in China has captured the hearts of netizens with his adorable breakdancing video in his hospital bed.

Two years ago, Xiaofeng’s legs had to be amputated after a car accident. Unfazed by his situation, the little boy made an amazing recovery. Using just his arms and head, the legless Xiaofeng managed to do seemingly professional dance moves in the viral video. “Xiao Pingguo”, a popular dance craze in China, was the song the boy danced to in the video.

It’s also apparent that the toddler was passionate about what he’s doing despite his condition. This was noticed by a Chinese airline which promised to give Xiaofeng and his family a free flight after his medical treatment in Wuhan in Hubei province.

Xiaofeng’s video has gone viral and was shared in several websites including Mail Online.

Check out Xiaofeng’s cute breakdancing video!

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