Post of Guy Asking Dad for Help in Fixing Motorcycle Sparks Debate

As kids, we often turn to our parents for help. But if a grown man asks his dad for help, is that still alright? That’s the subject of a recent social media debate after a guy posted about asking dad for help fixing a motorcycle chain.

Guy Sparks Debate After Asking Dad for Help

Many of us can always count on our dads when it comes to fixing things and whatnots around the house or with vehicles.

Many have always relied on their dads for help with almost anything they needed to be fixed as kids. Dads continue to help as we grow older, but netizens weren’t too happy to see a young man ask his obviously old dad for help when his motorcycle chain broke! It sparked an intense debate on social media. Uh-oh.

It all started when Omar Faayiz flexed his dad for being a blessing.

In his post on Twitter, Faayiz narrated that his motorcycle chain broke while he was on the road. He messaged his dad about it – and the old man immediately went to the spot to fix it for him!

Just relax, son. Dad’s coming,” the old man reportedly replied to his message.

dad fixes motorcycle

Photo credit: Omar Faayiz

Faayiz happily snapped a photo of his dad, thanking him for the “rescue” and for having so many skills. Aside from knowing how to fix motorcycles, Faayiz said that his dad also knows how to sew, cook, and fix cars.

He ended his post by thanking his dad for passing on his life skills and knowledge to him.

While it was such a heartwarming post, it didn’t sit well with many netizens who slammed him for not knowing how to fix the motorcycle chain himself! Though he mentioned about his dad “passing on his life skills” to him, that didn’t show when he asked his dad for help, netizens pointed out.

In reply, Faayiz explained that it’s the way he bonds with his dad.

I can handle everything, but this is how I bond with my dad,” he said.

He added that he regularly calls his dad about a lot of things, including advice about internship placement, furthering his studies, or simply asking if the old man wants to tag along for a car wash.

But others empathized with Faayiz, saying that they also do the same thing.

I still call my dad when my car breaks down although I’m married. I do this so that they feel needed and not lonely,” one netizen said.

Can You Fix a Broken Motorcycle or Bike Chain?

Many have no idea how to fix a broken motorcycle or bike chain and might just buy a new chain. But the link might still work again, by just fixing that section. Often, it’s just the C-clip that might be broken.

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