Photo of Kid Used by Mom to Reserve Parking Space Goes Viral

In a downtown area of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, a number of people had noticed a child sitting on a parking space. At first, they thought that the child was lost or had run away since he was in the Jalan Kuchai Lama business area of the city; however, when they asked him, the boy told the horrified concerned citizens that his mother had told him to stay there so he could reserve the parking spot for her!

The boy appears to be around 3 years old.

It was estimated that the boy had waited for about 30 minutes before his mother finally arrived – and this outraged netizens who could not believe that the woman was crazy enough to leave her kid at the parking lot so he could reserve her parking spot!

After all, a lot of things could have happened in the span of that 30 minutes she left him there – for one, he could have been hit by a car whose driver might not immediately notice him sitting on the spot or someone could have kidnapped him and be out of the city within that time.

Social media users were also quite concerned because the spot was close to a busy street and the boy could easily become bored and might try looking for his mother and get hit by a passing vehicle.

It was not immediately known where the mother had gone to and why it took her so long to come back for the kid.

Other netizens could not help but comment how the woman does not deserve to have kids as she was not concerned at all about what could have happened to him while he was out of her sight in an unsafe public place where there was no one else to watch him.

What is a Business District?

A business district is a commercial and business area of a town or city; it is where most of the businesses are located.

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