PAL Flies to Boracay Even if Flight was Carrying Only One Passenger!

We’re quite sure that Philippine Airlines, the country’s flagship carrier, lost a few thousand bucks when one of their flights from Manila to Boracay only carried one passenger yet the resulting positive feedback about this rare flight possibly makes up for those losses.

This unique flight happened back on February 25, 2015 but has recently gone viral after it was picked up by major international news agencies.

Austrian Alex Simon of YouTube channel “Diary of Alex” had the flight to himself. It was lucky for him that the airline did not cancel the flight – but it was also quite lucky for the airline that they decided to fly this lone passenger and he turned out to be a travel blogger!

Making the most of an exciting situation, Alex brags about “chartering” the whole flight while the cabin crew played along. He was even able to take a photo inside the cockpit with the pilots. Throughout the flight, Alex had a really good time filming himself and the cabin crew as he freely moved to the front seats of the plane because, well, he could pick any seat there and no one would complain!

It certainly was the best experience any traveler could ever hope for – and he deserves the bragging rights he got from it all.

After he posted the video on his YouTube channel, it went viral across the globe and earned mostly positive reactions from people who were amazed that the airline did not cancel the flight despite the huge losses it surely incurred by flying just one person!

Check out Alex’s video here:

Boracay Island

The island of Boracay is one of the top tourist destinations in the Philippines. While it is best known for its white, sandy beaches and beautiful sunsets, Boracay has also grown into a party destination where the place comes alive at night with numerous bars, fire dancers, and beach parties.

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