Man Takes Home an Abandoned Sofa, Finds Money and Gold Inside

A man who took home an abandoned sofa he found in the street was surprised when he took apart the furniture and saw some money and gold inside! Should he keep the fortune or find the rightful owner?

Man Finds Money and Gold in Abandoned Sofa

At some point in our lives, many of us have dreamed of finding a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow or a big suitcase filled with money that’s just for us to spend.

It’s wishful thinking, of course, particularly when we’ve run out of money and needed some cash to get us going.

Photo credit: Oriental Daily

But one guy in Shandong, China, recently experienced both (well, just a bit) when he found a wad of cash and a gold nugget inside an abandoned sofa that he found from the streets.

The guy owns a business in their hometown. He passed by an abandoned sofa for many days but didn’t think much about it.

On Labor Day, May 1, he decided to bring home the abandoned sofa because it was really looking like such an eyesore near his house. Because the sofa was old and quite rundown, he thought that he should just take it apart.

Photo credit: Oriental Daily

The sofa isn’t that useful but this guy thought that the wood could still be used for other projects or perhaps as firewood.

Imagine his surprise when he found the gold nugget and some cash inside the sofa while he was taking it apart! It wasn’t a lot of money but it was substantial enough for him to call his brother and speak of the windfall.

Though the money and gold were his for the taking, his brother reminded him that the fortune isn’t his. Digging in deeper, the guy found some deposit slips to a bank account. He’s now trying to find the rightful owner and return the fortune.

Photo credit: Oriental Daily

If this happened to you, will you return the money and gold?

What’s a Windfall?

A windfall is an unexpected good fortune such as a large amount of money that one received or won.

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