Adorable Video of Baby ‘Eating’ Spaghetti with His Tummy Warms Hearts

Babies are really so cute and, at times, full of adorable mischief! Like this kiddo who chose to “eat” his spaghetti with his tummy instead of his mouth! How he thought the spaghetti might take a shortcut into his tummy, nobody knows. But what’s sure is that everyone found it so adorable – and the video has gained nearly 39 million views in just 2 weeks. Cute, isn’t he?

Albie Dunville is a 1-year-old boy who lives in the United Kingdom (UK) with his dad, Adam Dunville, and his mom, Emma Ayers. Diagnosed with Down syndrome, Albie might be a bit different from other kids, but he sure knows how to make everyone laugh and feel happy.

Special Kid

Albie’s parents shared that they did know he had Down syndrome until he was born. But they were rather hurt with the way they were told about his condition; it was like he wasn’t going to be loved at all because he is “not normal”.

So, his parents joined the drive for Down syndrome awareness, joining an online support group for parents of children with Down syndrome called Positive About Down Syndrome (PADS). There remain a lot of people who just can’t accept kids with Down syndrome but Adam and Emma loved Albie wholeheartedly. For them, he is a special child – literally and figuratively!

Funny Baby

Now 1 year old, Albie never fails to make his parents feel happy that he is their child.

He is the funniest, cheekiest, most stubborn little boy!” his parents proudly announced.

They have plenty of proof that he’s one – including the video that would go viral on the online support group Positive About Down Syndrome (PADS). Emma could be heard laughing uncontrollably as she watches Albie “eating” his spaghetti with his tummy! The cheeky little kid enjoyed the spaghetti so much that he’s delighted to place it all over his stomach. Cute.

Cute Video

Here’s the adorable video:

What’s a Special Needs Child?

A child with special needs or one simply called a “special child” is anyone who require assistance for conditions that may be medical, mental, or psychological. A child with Down syndrome is classified in this category.

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