Top Things to Enjoy in Boracay…And It’s Not All About the Beach

People often think about soft, white beaches and bikini bodies when asked about Boracay – yet this beautiful tourist destination is not all about the beach! There are lots of other great things to enjoy on this beautiful island.

Of course, the beach is its top attraction, yet there’s more to Boracay than its lovely beaches.

Island Hopping Adventures

What’s great about Boracay belonging to an archipelago is that there are plenty of islands located nearby; thus, island hopping is a good thing to do when you travel to this place. Of course, this entails additional costs yet it would be quite fun to visit as many of the Philippines’ 7,107 islands as you can.

Adventure Sports

As a top tourist spot in the country, the island boasts of exciting activities to keep tourists satisfied. Lots of adventure sports options are available, including parasailing, kayaking, and jet skiing.

water skiing


To best admire the beauty of Boracay, take a cruise along its pristine waters. We highly recommend the sunset cruises!

Cruising in a Glass-Bottomed Boat

If you think an ocean cruise is awesome, then you’ll find a trip on a glass-bottomed boat as magical! Just imagine seeing plenty of tropical fishes swimming at your feet, without you getting wet!

Relaxing with a Massage

There are plenty of different spas in Boracay, offering various forms of massages and spa treatments. You can try a lava stone massage or a more luxurious wine massage. Of course, “regular” spa varieties are also readily available.

massage for wellness

Trekking and Mountain Bike Cruising

Go away from the beach and have fun exploring the inner areas of the island or visit the neighboring islands for trekking up the mountains.

Land Tours

You also have the option to take a faster tour across the island by using motorized vehicles such as a Segway or ATVs. It would surely be fun!

Ziplining and Cable Car Rides

To truly appreciate the beauty of the island, the ziplining and cable car rides are a must try!

Zorb Ride and Reverse Bungy

…and if you are up to a different kind of fun, why not try the zorb ride? Or take a plunge in the reverser bungy?

Truly, Boracay is an amazing place to visit, despite recent hoopla about it being too dirty and crowded to visit [Traveler Details Horror Experience in ‘Tourist-Trap’ Boracay; Says it is Worst Island She Visited]. After all, there’s more to the place than the beach. Have fun!

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