Mom Carries Baby at Work Presentation, Lauds Supportive Employer

Modern jobs have truly changed from what it had been in the past. As a working mom carries baby at work presentation, netizens expressed how amazed they were that she was able to do this. Would your boss also let you do the same if you were in her place?

Working Mom Carries Baby at Work Presentation

Many companies are having a hard time keeping their best employees because they know their worth and simply head off to other companies, in search of greener pastures.

But there are also companies that know how to adjust with their employees and provide them with the best work environment, in a clever bid to make them stay.

Everyone loves great employers who understand what their workers are going through, and try to help them out.

working mom carries baby at work presentation

Photo credit: Nita Ramadhita

Nita Ramadhita works at Bobobox, a capsule hotel company in Indonesia.

Recently, Ramadhita had to do a presentation at work but just couldn’t find a babysitter. She was worried about her baby but also knew that the presentation was important.

So, she asked her boss whether she can bring the child to the office. Surprisingly, the boss allowed her to do it.

After the successful presentation, she expressed her thanks to her boss on LinkedIn.

Being a mom or a marketer; I am so grateful that I don’t have to choose and I thank Bobobox for supporting it,” she shared.

To be able to have a meeting with my daughter cooing right beside me, to be able to nurse her while crafting a strategy, to be able to keep pursuing my career and not miss any of my baby’s milestones is such as privilege.

Her story is an inspiration to other moms who are juggling their jobs and motherhood.

Photo credit: Nita Ramadhita

When we decided to be parents, I promised myself to keep my passion alive and having a baby would not be a finish line for me,” she explained.

My daughter would not be the reason why I couldn’t have a career and a ‘mother’ would not be the only thing that defines me as a person.

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