Kids Get Intelligence from Moms, But What Do They Get from Dads?

Studies have shown that kids get intelligence from their moms, but what do they get from their dads?

There are actually many traits that kids are more likely to inherit from their dads rather than their moms; after all, male domination is not new to nature – that surely translates to domination in the genes as well.


Good news for tall dads! Your kids are more likely to inherit your height – and might even surpass you! Because survival of the fittest had always been nature’s main rule, kids often inherit their dads’ height.


No two fingerprints are the same, but dads’ genes have a sneaky way of making the kids’ fingerprints similar to his.

Dental Health

Dads with great teeth often have kids with great smiles as well, but you’ll have to resign yourself to a life filled with trips to the dentist if your dad didn’t have good teeth.


While kids don’t always inherit everything from their parents, toes, particularly webbed toes of dads with the Apert syndrome gene, are also inherited by their children.


Because the dominance of the brain is linked to handedness, children are more likely to have the same handedness as their dads. This means that if your dad is right handed, it is likely that most of his kids are right handed as well.


Women are known to swoon over dimples – and dads who have dimples are likely to have kids with dimples. Now, isn’t that cute?

Mental Health

Strong mental health is linked to dads with strong mental health, but dads with major depressive disorder and other mental health problems could pass this to their kids.

And if the kids look like their dads, the chances are the kids are more likely to inherit all of these traits – and more!

What are Genes?

Genes are the basic functional unit of heredity. The genes contain the ‘instructions’ and codes that would determine the traits that people will have in life.

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