Kids Get Their Intelligence from Their Mothers

Dads, if your kids are smart, don’t make them thank you for the intelligence genes. A new study suggests that children actually “got it from their mamas”.

Based on several past studies, intelligence genes are located on chromosome X and since females carry two, kids are twice likely to inherit their intelligence from their moms. But that doesn’t mean dads cant pass off a few intelligence genes.


However, the new study published in Psychology Spot found that even if fathers can give intelligence genes to their offsprings, it is highly probable that it won’t have an impact on the brain since they only work if they come from moms.

“If that same gene is inherited from the father, it is deactivated,” the study suggests. “Obviously, other genes work the opposite, are activated only if they come from the father.”

This phenomenon could be explained by conditioned genes, which behave differently depending on their origin. These conditioned genes have biochemical tags that allow to track the origin and reveal even if they are not active or not within the progeny cells.

Child’s Relationship with Mother Linked to Intelligence

The study noted that genetics isn’t entirely responsible for an individual’s intelligence. Several past studies have revealed that moms, aside from their chromosome X, play an important role in the intellectual development of children. Physical and emotional contact as well as a secure bond are found to be intimately linked to intelligence.

In a research carried out by researchers at the University of Minnesota, it was found that kids with strong attachment with their moms develop the ability of playing complex symbolic games at the age of two years. They were also found to show less frustration during troubleshooting.

Strong bond provides the necessary security for children to explore the world with confidence. Moreover, children’s potential can also be stimulated when mothers help them solve problems.