Marriage of 3 Men in Thailand Goes Viral, Their Respective Families Express Support

Three men got married to each other in Thailand. But while their families were all actually so supportive of the unconventional union, many ladies feel sad that three eligible bachelors ended up falling in love with other!

Still, their story went viral. Many in the gay community wishing they could also find such love for themselves.

Three Gay Men Married Each Other

James Chandmthong, a 30-year-old dietician, has been in a relationship with Noah Amsapchan, a 22-year-old dancer, for seven years. The two had gotten along so well with Nong Toei Buutawat, a 24-year-old dancer, after they met him at the same dance club they belong to.

Soon, the pair welcomed Nong into their relationship.

Apparently, both James and Noah fell in love with Nong but were still in love with each other, too. Instead of breaking up as other couples might have done when faced with a similar situation, James and Noah decided to stay together. They both pursued Nong to be part of their relationship.

The three became a ‘throuple’ and decided to live in harmony. After years of being together, the three guys decided to make their relationship official by getting married in a ceremony that was blessed by their respective families.

They married each other in a Buddhist ceremony at their hometown in Chanthaburi Province, Thailand. Buddhist monks blessed the ceremony while supportive friends and relatives attended the wedding event.

Nong’s mother was especially so happy with the union, saying that she fully supports her child and wishes that he and his husbands would live in harmony like any other family.

Gay Marriage in Thailand

Gay marriage is currently not recognized under the law in Thailand. In fact, Thai laws don’t even recognize domestic partnerships or live-in arrangements, particularly with people of the same gender. Still, such couples are generally tolerated, even accepted, especially in urban areas like Pattaya, Bangkok, and Phuket.

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