How to Stay Organized and Motivated While Working from Home

As more and more people are embracing the world of freelancing and working from home, it is safe to say that this type of working option has become a solid source of income that a lot of workers could now rely on – as opposed to fears in the past of letting of the 9-to-5 stable jobs in favor of “unstable” freelance jobs.

It’s fun to work from home because, more often than not, you can set your own schedule, set your own rules, and the sky is the limit as to what you can do, for whom you can work for, and how much you can earn. Still, here’s one big advice you need to remember: do not bite more than you can chew.

It is quite tempting to accept a lot of jobs and work for several bosses so you can earn more money but if you are not organized and motivated, all of it will go down the drain. You might not meet all your deadlines or you could produce sloppy results – all of these could have a negative impact on your status as freelancer.

So, how can you stay motivated to work and organized enough to meet all your deadlines before you start getting lots of negative feedback for late projects?

We share a video created by Ingrid Nilsen, detailing just what you can do to stay productive while working at home. This is especially handy to newbies who find lots of distractions at home – after all, no one will send you a memo if you spend the whole day watching TV or simply browsing the web because you are your own boss!

Nilsen’s tips are quite useful and, perhaps, something that many freelancers do not practice (myself included)! For example, she recommends that you dress up and not just work in your pajamas, set a work place separate from your bedroom, and set the alarm for you to wake up early so you can work on regular hours to establish a routine. Those are things that I would rather not do but seems helpful for those who truly want to stay productive and make the most of their waking hours each day. What do you think?

Check out this video for other useful tips from Nilsen and tell us whether these helped improve your work at home life…

Freelancers Working from Home

The internet has made a lot of things possible, including for many people to work from home instead of going to a brick-and-mortar office somewhere in their town or city. Pay rates are comparable to those working in standard office settings; with some companies even willing to pay the freelancers more!

There are also plenty of websites that act as a marketplace for those looking for workers or offering their services in various field, including blog writing, graphics design, website design, social media managing, and many others.

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