Home Decor Ideas For The K-Drama Lover

Filipinos are enamoured with Korean shows, fashion, food, music, cosmetics, and movies, and the Philippines has some of the most dedicated K-pop and K-drama fans in the whole world. Not only are they avidly supporting the Hallyu movement, but they’ve also actively integrated elements of Korean entertainment in their daily lives. This is the reason why Crash Landing On You and Reply 1988-inspired prenuptial and engagement photoshoots have gone viral over the recent months, and why the Philippines now has a 24/7 K-entertainment channel on local TV. Moreover, Pinoys are now taking inspiration from their favorite shows to style their homes. From spruced up outdoor spaces to minimalist aesthetics, here are some genius home decor ideas for the K-drama lover.

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Photo by garrett parker on Unsplash

Well-designed rooftop and balcony spaces

Most K-dramas, such as My Private Life, Fight For My Way, and The Legend of The Blue Sea, feature rooftop or balcony spaces where the protagonists have a barbeque party or a few drinks with their friends. These spaces are often spruced up with DIY decorations or are turned into an idyllic escape with the help of professionals. To turn your rooftop, backyard, or balcony into the perfect place for chatting or eating samgyeopsal with your buddies, Mangum Home Builders recommends having a custom remodel to create an outdoor space that’s beautiful and functional. Most renovation jobs include changing the flooring, building a sitting area that’s well protected from the elements, and installing a sunshade or pergola to block the sun’s harmful UV rays. To give your rooftop or balcony space that authentic K-drama feel, add a wooden sunbed to your setup, and have a few live plants to add some freshness to the area.

Neutral palette and minimalist design

Neutrals are the preferred color schemes in most K-drama homes as seen in What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim, Shopping King Louie, and Romance Is A Bonus Book. This color palette is a popular choice as it makes any space look larger than it really is, and it reflects the minimalist aesthetic that’s all the rage in South Korea. To mimic this look for your own home, pare down your furniture to the essentials and make sure that each room has no more than 10 pieces of decoration. Hang sheer curtains so that your home gets plenty of natural light, and replace overly ornate furniture with ones that have simple lines. You should also consider incorporating natural wooden furniture into your home, or perhaps you can paint your existing pieces with a fresh coat of white paint.

Floor to ceiling bookshelves

Fan favorite K-drama characters, such as Do Minjoon in My Love From The Star, Ko Munyeong from It’s Okay To Not Be Okay, and Han Sejoo in Chicago Typewriter, are known for having a massive collection of books. Rather than have them neatly hidden away, the characters chose to incorporate their collection into their home design and included floor to ceiling bookshelves to house their books. You can buy ready-made shelves or have a built-in made by a professional, or you can build a mini library on a stair landing or under the stairs.

Korean entertainment has given Filipinos a lot of inspiration to inject a little more color in their way of life. Consider these tips to incorporate a little bit of K-drama into your home and see how these changes can refresh your abode in an instant.

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