Artist Uses Dots to Create Awesome Masterpiece

Artists use different kinds of materials to express their creativity – and there’s this one artist who uses dots to create a masterpiece on a piece of paper! David Bayo, a French artist, starts the drawing with a pencil sketch outlining his planned masterpiece but he would use a pen to put thousands, even millions of dots, on the piece of paper for his actual art to come out.

The result may be a bit weird to the sight at first but as he progresses with his artwork, you can easily see the design come out – and it will definitely blow your mind! For how can dots create such a beautiful masterpiece, anyway? Well, it all boils down to this artist having amazing creativity, of course.

He surely is a master of dots because he knew just how to put the right amount of dots to create the effect that he wanted.

Screenshot of video by David Bayo / YouTube

Screenshot of video by David Bayo / YouTube

In this video entitled, “”BAUHAUS,” 1 Million Dots — Speed Drawing”, Bayo shares how he created one of his art pieces using just dots – all 1 million of them! In the span of less than 3 minutes, we are shown just how he created the masterpiece; although this was merely sped up to make the process faster but we could only imagine how long it actually took him to create this lovely painting.

Considering that he made this one using dots, I bet he had to stop for a few minutes at a time!

But seeing the final masterpiece, can you believe it was just made out of tiny dots? Well, I wouldn’t believe it either had he not posted the video of how he actually made the piece! Incredible work of art, that’s for sure…

What is a Masterpiece?

A masterpiece is defined as “a work of outstanding artistry, skill, or workmanship”.

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