Despite Being Apart for 2 Years, LDR Couple Could Only Wave at Each Other at Airport

Even though they were part for 2 years, an LDR couple could only wave at each at the airport – and at a distance of 20 meters apart! So near, yet so far, huh?

LDR Couple Goes Viral for “Long-Distance” Meeting at Airport

So many people have been separated for many years because of the pandemic. Such as families whose kids or parents are working abroad. Many were stuck in the countries they’re working in because travel restrictions prevent them from going home.

Some 2 years after the pandemic first hit, travel restrictions are slowly easing in many places. Some families have been reunited.

But not everyone got to enjoy their reunions to the fullest.

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Wallas and Qu are an LDR couple (long-distance relationship). Wallas, the boyfriend, works in Honk Kong, while Qu who hails from Shanghai, China, is a student in the US.

With their busy schedules and the strict travel protocols, such as the 21-day quarantine imposed to international travelers, the two had a hard time picking a schedule to meet.

They had so much difficulty planning around their busy schedules.

Qu did her internship in Shanghai, but Wallas wasn’t able to visit her because he was also busy at work. Plus, the 21-day quarantine can really hurt anyone’s travel schedule.

Pretty soon, it was time for Qu to go back to the US.

So, the two decided that even if they can’t spend more time with each other, they would meet at the airport.

Qu picked a flight that transits through Hong Kong from Shanghai. It was a good thing that Wallas was also able to free up his schedule that day.

He went to the airport early and found a good spot where they can meet. But because he can’t also enter the section where Qu was, and she can’t also get out, they were only able to meet from a distance.

LDR couple 2

Photo credit: HK01

They waved at each other from 20 meters apart.

We laughed and said that it seemed like a prison visit in the movies. It was so near yet so far,” the couple admitted.

An hour later, they had to bid each other goodbye as Qu had to get on her flight.

According to Wallas, he hopes that they will get married the next time they see each other. Awwww.

COVID Travel Quarantine

In many places across the world, governments are imposing travel quarantine restrictions due to COVID-19. If you’re planning on going somewhere, always make sure to check the protocols of your destination as well as any place you’ll be transiting or passing through.

Many countries still impose at least 14 days of quarantine. Some only have 7 days for fully vaccinated travelers while others still impose a 21-day quarantine.