Gorgeous Peanut Vendor Goes Viral in Witty Netizen’s Joke Post

When netizen Dale Camus saw a gorgeous peanut vendor one day, he immediately talked to her and determined that she was, indeed, a legitimate peanut vendor and not one who might have been just manning the place to help the real vendor get more customers, just like what that gorgeous popcorn vendor girl from Pampanga did.

According to Dale, the beautiful lady confirmed that she was a real peanut vendor, not someone just posing there at the food cart for attention.

Photo credit: Dale Camus / Facebook

He revealed that the peanut vendor can be found at Salawag, Dasmariñas in Cavite at a location near TUP (which actually stands for Technological University of the Philippines – Cavite).

Dale also revealed that the peanut vendor was rather shy but allowed him to take photos. He hoked that he would bring a photographer the next time he comes to visit her and buy peanuts.

Photo credit: Dale Camus / Facebook

But while the peanut vendor does look gorgeous, netizens just could not help but be amused at the way Dale introduced her on social media.

Photo credit: Dale Camus / Facebook

The witty netizen joked that he’s going to share the peanut vendor’s details (her location) to his friends on Facebook because his ‘jowa-desu’ is going to get mad at him later, anyway, upon reading this post.

But as he continued writing his post, his ‘jowa’ arrived and supposedly slammed the laptop on his head, after seeing what he was posting about. LOL.

Hoy, bakit ganito yung nagtitinda ng mani sa Dasma? hahahaha Okay, since papatayin na ako ng jowa-desu ko mamaya pagkabasa niya nitong post ko lulubusin ko na ah, matatagpuan si ate sa Salawag, Dasma Cavite bandang TUP legit na Mani vendor si ate hahaha nag paalam ako sa kanya na magdadala ko ng photographer sa susunod na bibili ako sa kanya. Shytype si ate eh hahaha. Wait lang baka ipalo na sa akin ng jowa ko yung laptop koasdahfoajsdjfsjysjfslklskdkg;lfskh;dkowejsdgmlksjfposepokldfkljdkjrgsfks[ldldskyo45rojsk;lfkg;ldkhljjk;skfsdlkd;lkhl;dk;lkh k;lsafl;jhlkgjklgjklsjdfksjdklgjklsjdgkljflhjlj;ldk;dkghs’l’d;lg’slg;ls’;ldgsasjlkdjalkjslkajdlkasjlsjdlajlsjda

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That was hilarious, right? It was, of course, a joke but the witty post got netizens laughing.

Photo credit: Dale Camus / Facebook

And netizens loved the girl’s photos!