Siblings Surprise Parents after 2 Years of Not Seeing Each Other

Siblings surprise parents they haven’t seen for 2 years – and the sweet moment went viral. What would you do to surprise your family after being away from them for a long time?

Siblings’ Sweet Surprise Goes Viral

So many families live apart from each other because of their respective jobs or other circumstances in life.

This COVID-19 pandemic has been especially tough for many families, especially those whose children or parents have become stranded at their places of work because of the travel restrictions.

siblings surprise parents

Photo credit: Choong Kai Yee

That’s what happened to a Malaysian family whose children were working in Singapore.

They haven’t seen their parents for two years, explained Choong Kai Yee. The COVID-19 protocols prohibited travel.

But with the recent launch of the Malaysia-Singapore Vaccinated Travel Lane on 29th November, the siblings were finally able to go home.

Photo credit: Choong Kai Yee

Photo credit: Choong Kai Yee

Since they haven’t seen their parents for a long time, they decided to surprise them. It involved some tricky planning, a bit of white lies about not being able to go home until the New Year, and asking permission and help from the staff of a Holiday Inn buffet.

Photo credit: Choong Kai Yee

I haven’t seen my family for nearly two years. Every day I think about when I can go back. After the government opened the VTL, we were all super happy! We started planning to go home! At the same time, I told mommy that we won’t be back until the New Year,” Choong explained.

We started a series of plans! The eldest sister proposed to bring the family to Holiday Inn for a buffet. I suggested that we act as waiters.

Photo credit: Choong Kai Yee

Photo credit: Choong Kai Yee

The hotel manager was quite supportive of the siblings’ plan – and even allowed them to wear the staff uniforms to complete the disguise.

Because they were wearing masks, their parents didn’t recognize them at first. But their father appeared to have noticed them first, though he wasn’t so sure about it.

Photo credit: Choong Kai Yee

Watch the sweet surprise here:

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