5 Quick and Easy Ways to Show that You Care this Holiday Season

With the holiday stress we get, people forget to show kindness to others. We must remember that the true holiday spirit is not only giving gifts but showing that we care.

Lao-Tzu a Chinese philosopher once wrote, “Kindness in giving creates love.” With those inspiring words, Audrey Lin, Kindspring story editor, proposed a few creative, quick gestures which assure a sweet effect on family members and friends.

1. Begin your child’s day with a surprise gift in his room.

Children remember acts of kindness until they grow up and they are likely to follow these actions as they create their own relationships in the future. Try to leave a modest gift near your kid’s bed to surprise him when he wakes up.

Small acts of kindness

Small gestures of kindness make children feel appreciated.
Photo Credit: Funifi

2. Leave short handwritten notes for your loved ones.

Slip a number of surprise handwritten notes on a loved one’s pockets and bag before he or she goes away. It can melt their heart at that time when they’re exhausted and running late or just fatigued from a long trip, according to Lin.

3. Give away a favorite item to a loved one.

Another suggestion by Lin is to give a loved one, a favorite book etched with a note explaining why you love that book, or maybe finally giving your favorite shirt to your sister who always borrows it. Lin also recommends surprising choices like a collection of fun comic-strip stories or a picture book with a general theme.

4. Send an unexpected, personal email to cheer someone up on a Monday morning.

Lin says sending a message to someone on a Monday morning, an unanticipated email that wishes for a great week ahead for them will cheer up a friend who is going through rough times. Adding a link to a rousing story or a short video, and adding a quote may tell a friend that someone cares for him or her.

5. Let the person who borrowed something from you keep it when he offers to return or replace it.

Offer to let someone keep an item that has been borrowed from you or praises you for it. Lin clarifies that it is about thinking out a way to contribute. The important thing is the art of becoming aware of what makes someone happy, and what they might need.

These ways are certainly dignified goals, and this holiday season is the best time to start working on it.

So, which act of kindness will you do today to show that you really care? Leave a comment below.