Woman Suffers Leg Injury, Wrecks Car after Seeing Spider While Driving

When driving any type of vehicle, especially when going fast, it is very important to always focus on what you are doing and to always have presence of mind so that you know exactly what to do in an emergency situation you might encounter.

But one woman forgot everything they teach you at driving school when she saw a spider inside the car while she was going at high speed on the road. Instead of slowing down and pulling up to the side to escape from the spider, she freaked out and totally forgot that she was in charge of the vehicle.

The woman lost control of the vehicle which crashed into some trees by the highway. The car was a total wreck on the front and the woman suffered leg injuries.

The incident happened on April 10 in Cairo, New York. After the investigation, The Town of Cairo New York Police Department decided to release a photo of the woman’s car and the circumstances behind the accident as a reminder for other motorists to be extra careful on the road and to have the presence of mind to do what’s safe even in such freakish situations.

Photo credit: Town of Cairo New York Police Department / Facebook

The police released the statement:

After investigating today’s crash on Silver Spur Road we feel it necessary to bring up a contributing factor that is not covered too often. It is believed that the operator of the vehicle noticed a SPIDER in the drivers area with her as she was driving.

The operator panicked and crashed suffering a leg injury from the crash. We know that it is easier for some drivers than others but PLEASE, try to teach new drivers and yourselves to overcome the fear and pull over to a safe place. Lives depend on it.

Thankfully, the woman survived and had not hit another vehicle in the crash. Her name was withheld for privacy reasons.