This Woman Goes Viral for Becoming a Model despite Being Chubby

It is sad that society often dictates how we should look. While there is really no written rule of law about it, people expect everyone to be thin, beautiful, with flawless complexion, and silky hair. Of course, only a very select few can actually be all that – and you don’t know the lengths they go through just to look that way.

It is up to us if we let those “rules” dictate the way we live our lives, of course, but people still make snide comments about those who don’t look exactly like the ideal image.

We commend those who rebel against the rules, the ones who are confident with how they look – no matter how different such might be from what society wants.

Saowaluk Hirokajung Ping Anawong from Korat, Thailand is one of these people.

She might be chubby but she is confident with how she looks and does not care what people think about her body. And if you come to think of it, her chubby body is actually more in tune with a lot of people than the skinny bodies glorified by the usual models!

This is the reason why we highly commend Saowaluk for her body positive approach. She loves her body the way it is – and wants everyone to accept theirs as well. There’s no need to try and achieve the impossible “ideals” that society set because everyone is born different.

What is Body Shaming?

Body shaming is the act of bashing someone because of their figure. This is often done on those who are chubby; more so on overweight and obese people.

Most victims of body shaming are popular figures who are expected to look “perfect”, with an hourglass figure and flawless skin.