Young Instagram Star Goes Viral for Post Showing ‘Tiger Stripes’

It is common knowledge that most Instagram stars use filter on their photos to make them look flawless and more beautiful – and they are known to edit their photos to their favor, some even to the point of being unrealistic at times!

This is the reason why a lot of people were amazed over the post of Instagram star Lexi Mendiola who goes by the handle @leximendi – for the young star posted something that most IG stars would be mortified of doing: sharing a snapshot showing her ‘tiger stripes’!

Indeed, the young woman looks sexy enough, with curves at the right places and seemingly trim enough not to have extra fats in unwanted spots but like many of us, she also sports stretch marks she lovingly calls as her ‘tiger stripes’.

The young star shared that she did have second thoughts about posting the photo on her IG account but decided to post it after realizing that she has always been so insecure over something so natural! After making that realization, she posted the photo on Instagram where it quickly went viral and gained over 15,000 likes and more than 500 comments!

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While many people are struggling with their self-image, even beautiful and sexy ladies like Lexi, it is great that she realized there is no reason to be ashamed of her stretch marks and other blemishes that people have – and it sends a strong message for everyone to accept themselves.

In a world where televisions and various media want people to look perfect and flawless, with supermodels looking like gods and goddesses, it is great that young stars like Lexi would share something like this to show other girls out there that it is alright not to look perfect because no one is perfect!