Woman Ends Up In Hospital After Mistakenly Using Builder’s Foam On Hair

This woman literally just had the worst hair day ever of her life.

It was an ordinary day and this woman was simply fixing her hair when all of a sudden, things unexpectedly went wrong. It was already too late when she realized that she reached for the wrong can – she picked up an expanding builder’s foam instead of her hair mousse. She was eventually taken to the hospital and ended up in the emergency room.

Her picture immediately went viral online as it has been heavily shared on social media. Although her identity remained unknown to this day, some netizens believe the picture was taken at a hospital somewhere in Eastern Europe.

In the picture, she was seen evidently displeased with her condition as a big polyurethane foam sat on her head. What’s mysterious here though is that if you look closer, you’ll notice leaves and twigs on the foam as well which leads to speculations that something else might be at play here.

Builders Foam On Hair

The Importance of Reading Labels

Reading labels is, of course, very necessary before using a product, as we can all learn from the story above. Paying attention to labels can help you avoid harm and injury.

First and foremost, read what the main product is for. You don’t want to get mixed up like the example we have here in the story.

For food products, the list of ingredients will allow you to determine whether it is healthy or not. Check the ingredients carefully especially if you have allergies.

Also, check warning labels so you are aware about possible side effects of using a product. Avoid taking medicines that may be harmful for you under certain conditions (such as pregnancy or heart trouble).

Finally, look for the expiration dates so you know whether it’s still safe to consume or use a product.