Waitress Receives $1k Tip from Customer Who Overheard Her Saying She’s Saving Up for College

She wasn’t even serving his table but college-bound East Texas waitress Alesha Palmer received the biggest tip she or anyone in Vetoni’s Italian Restaurant has ever received from a customer after the guy left her $1,000 because he overheard her saying she’s saving up for college.

Alesha did not serve the unnamed benefactor but was serving another table at the restaurant in Gun Barrel City, Texas. The couple knew her family and were asking about her college plans; so, she told them that although her parents are going to help pay for her college tuition, she was trying hard to save up money so she would be paying most of the fees.

While serving the couple, she noticed that the guy at the other table had finished eating and was talking with the owner of the restaurant, and both were looking at her. Believing she was in trouble, she went to the owner, Mike, to ask what she had done wrong but was quite shocked when she was shown the receipt.

The guy (who did not leave his name) only ordered $9.69 yet he gave Alesha $1,000 as tip to boost her college funds!

Photo credit: Facebook/Vetoni's Italian Restaurant

Photo credit: Facebook/Vetoni’s Italian Restaurant

What was even more wonderful is that the guy had left even without speaking directly with Alesha – simply showing that he did not want any recognition or anything in return from the girl.

What a truly generous person!

The restaurant manager, Jennifer Brown, admitted that there are a number of generous regulars at Vetoni’s Italian Restaurant, including a lawyer who always leaves $100 tips as a way of paying it forward because he had worked his way through law school but that was the highest anyone there had received so far, until the amount was surpassed by Alesha’s $1k.

As for Alesha’s college plans, she is going to take up a degree in business and also in culinary arts because she hopes to open her own pastry shop someday.

Alesha Palmer, is a waitress at my restaurant and this past Saturday night, was surprised to discover that she was given…

Posted by Vetoni’s Italian Restaurant on Thursday, April 14, 2016