Indian Girl Marries a Dog to Get Rid of Her Evil Curse

There are a lot of weird customs and beliefs in India, yet the weirdest I had encountered so far was that of a marriage between one Indian girl and a stray dog so they could get rid of her evil curse.

According to the video shared by BarCroft TV on YouTube, Mangli Munda was cursed; though the clip did not elaborate what type of curse she had supposedly received. The villagers believe the only way she could get rid of this curse was to marry a dog!

Mangli’s parents took this advice to heart and immediately made preparations for the wedding. They found a stray dog they picked as her husband in the weirdest arranged marriage you’ll ever see. According to Trending News Portal, Mangli admitted she was forced to marry the dog and did not like the arrangement but diligently obeyed, anyway, as a sign of respect for the village elders.

Her mother also said they spent money on the wedding just to make sure the villagers are happy and that Mangli’s curse will be lifted away. Meanwhile, it was her father who actively took part in the ceremony, providing his blessing for the very unusual union.

So, what happens after the marriage? Well, thankfully, Mangli and her dog husband were not expected to procreate. In fact, after the wedding, the dog husband was tied outside the house and reduced to pet status while Mangli returns to her home and now has the chance to find a man who will become her real husband.

What was the point of the marriage, then, if it was not even legally binding and Mangli was free to look for another husband? Well, the act of marriage had gotten rid of the curse; thus, there was no need to continue the farce to create human-dog children, if that is even possible. Moreover, because the curse has been lifted, this first marriage ensures Mangli’s next husband [a man, of course] becomes lucky and will live a fruitful life. Oh well…

Marriage Practices in India

Apparently, in India, you can marry a dog to get rid of a curse. Though arranged marriages are still the most common way to get married in this very traditional country.

As more and more people have become educated, they moved beyond traditions to embrace modern cultures. Thus, a lot of young people are finding their own partners nowadays. Still, the practice of parents arranging their children’s marriage is still quite common, especially in the country’s many rural areas.