WATCH: Reincarnated Dog? This Guy Plays Fetch with His Pet Cat

 The video of a Malaysian guy playing ‘fetch’ with his cat makes netizens wonder if this cat is actually a reincarnated dog! LOL.

‘Fetch’ is a game that is popular between dogs and their humans. Pet dogs love to fetch something their owners throw, be it a ball, a stick, or just about anything they can bring back. This works because dogs are playful by nature.

Photo credit: Arash Muaz / Twitter

But cats are a different story. A lot of cats might play with boxes or yarns but they are definitely not known for playing fetch. Most cats are just disinterested and, perhaps, bored with such games. Yet there is this cat in Malaysia who loves to play ‘fetch’ with its human!

Photo credit: Arash Muaz / Twitter

After its human posted a video of their play time, netizens commented that this cat must have been a reincarnation of a dog. Some even theorized that it’s actually a video of a dog with a cat filter on. LOL.

Photo credit: Arash Muaz / Twitter

In reality, Arash Muaz shared that this is really a cat – and its name is Bob. According to Arash, they did not really train their cats to play ‘fetch’ but one day, he threw a toy. He was surprised when Bob ran to take it and bring back to him! After that first instance of playing ‘fetch’, Arash said that this became a regular play activity between him and Bob. Isn’t that cute?

Photo credit: Arash Muaz / Twitter

Here’s a video of Arash and Bob playing the dog game, ‘fetch’, at their living room:

The video has since garnered nearly 1 million views in just 4 days after Arash posted it on Twitter! This goes to show that a lot of people are simply surprised by the idea of a cat playing ‘fetch’.

But it turned out that Bob isn’t the only cat who likes to play ‘fetch’. Some netizens would reply to the tweet with their own videos of their cats playing the same game.

Games and Toys for Cats

The following are some of the games and toys that would make your cats happy:

  • Boxes
  • Crumpled paper
  • Feather and strings
  • Yarn and soft objects
  • Hide and seek
  • Fetch (sometimes)