6-Year-Old Skater Princess in Pink Dress Goes Viral with Impressive Moves

A 6-year-old girl recently went viral after netizens were impressed with her moves at a skating bowl while wearing a pink tulle party dress! Her attire makes her look like a princess yet her moves on the skating bowl show that she’s quite talented in this sport. What an amazing skater princess!

6-Year-Old Skater in Pink Party Dress Goes Viral

An avid skater even as small kid, 6-year-old Australian skater Paige Tobin from New South Wales, Australia, has been sharing impressive skating videos on her Instagram page since 2018, back when she was 3 years old!

Considering her skill in this sport and knowing that she’s been posting incredible videos since 2018, it is clear that this kid has been training to skate even back when she’s still a toddler!

Slaying in a sport dominated by boys, this pretty skater princess simply emphasized that as she wore a pink tulle party dress, rainbow-striped socks, and a leopard-print helmet while dropping into the 12-foot skating bowl.

That drop at the start of the video made netizens’ hearts stop! But she put everyone in awe with those magical skills. It is so cute to see her move in that skating bowl wearing the pretty pink dress that you don’t normally see in this setting. The pink tulle dress is something that you are most likely going to see in a princess-themed party, yet this girl made it look like a common dress to wear while skateboarding.

It is clear that this fearless princess is going to be the queen of the skating bowl! Her unwavering confidence and adorable fashion sense make the video extra special.

Photo credit: Paige Tobin / Instagram

She even got the attention of actress Jennifer Garner who shared the video on her Instagram page with the caption, “Is there anything better than a fierce little girl? I don’t think so. 👧🛹♥️ (@paigeetobin).

Impressive little skater princess, isn’t she?

What is a Tulle Dress?

A tulle dress is something that’s made of tulle, a lightweight stiff netting fabric with very fine fiber. Created from a mix of nylon, polyester, silk, and rayon, tulle is a favorite material to use in creating wedding gowns, ballet tutus, princess outfits, and various gowns or veils.

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