DIY: Turn An Old T-Shirt Into A No-Sew Environment-Friendly Bag

Do you have many old t-shirts you’ve been wanting to dispose for the longest time?

These t-shirts automatically turn into cleaning rags in many households. But do you know that there are more ways to repurpose these garments?

In a tutorial video released by Thread Banger on YouTube, Vanessa of TheCraftyGemini demonstrated how to transform an old t-shirt into an environment-friendly hobo bag. For this very easy DIY project, you only need an old Tshirt, a pair of scissors and 15 minutes to spare. The best thing about this craft project is you can magically transform the old piece of clothing into a fashionable yet useful bag without sewing.

Check out the genius DIY tutorial.

The hobo bag ’s size will depend on the size of the tee that you will use. Also, you can try using a plain white shirt and tie-dye it for an ombre feel.

Other Ways to Repurpose An Old T-Shirt

If bags are not your thing, there are certainly other brilliant ways to reuse an old- tshirt. Brit+Co actually compiled 50 diy projects to repurpose an old tee and we’re listing down five of our favourite from their list.

1. Fringe Scarf – This is another simple no-sew project for scarf-lovers. Check out the simple tutorial on Plan B by Anna Evers.

2. Nautical Necklaces- These necklaces are perfect for summer. All you need are shirts, coloured electrical tapes and 2 pairs of scissors. Learn how to do it via Brit + Co.

3. Patterned Wrap Bracelet– For those into DIY jewelry, the easy-to-make patterned wrap bracelet can also be worn as a necklace. Here’s the simple tutorial via Hello Natural.

4. Braided Belt – Braided belts are also fashion must-haves for summer. You can read the simple instructions on Delia Creates.

5. Flip-flop refashion- Revamp your old flip-flops by braiding its straps and following thisvery easy tutorial by Make It & Love It.

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