Vlogger Livestreams Attempt to Eat Octopus, Ends Up Screaming as It Sucked Her Face

How would you go for fame on social media? While many don’t really care about likers and followers, with a lot of them not actually sharing much about their private lives, there are also people who love to share various things about themselves and crazy stuff to get more likes.

Photo credit: Aaron / YouTube

But for some likes, a Chinese vlogger got more than what she bargained for when the octopus she was trying to eat on livestream actually sucks her face – and she ends up screaming as the tried to pry the animal away.

Going by the name ‘seaside girl Little Seven’ on popular Chinese short-video platform Kuaishou, the vlogger had only launched her channel about 2 weeks before the octopus incident. She shared various livestream videos of her eating various seafood, claiming that she loves seafood and enjoys sharing videos of her culinary adventures with would-be followers and fans.

Photo credit: Aaron / YouTube

In the 2 weeks that she’s been filming and sharing her videos, however, she did not have enough likes and views to be considered as a viral hit.

Why none of my clips ended up on the trending topics chart?” the vlogger asked in a previous clip, proving that she really wanted to be famous like other vloggers.

Photo credit: Aaron / YouTube

Quite unexpectedly, however, she did get famous; though not in the way she liked when she attempted to eat the live octopus while livestreaming the moment.

Perhaps the vlogger really loved seafoods but had no idea that it was quite dangerous to even attempt to eat a live octopus. Unlike most sea creatures, octopus have several suckers on their tentacles that they used for moving and for defending themselves. It was certainly unfortunate for the woman to eat the octopus because it certainly moved to defend itself!

Photo credit: Aaron / YouTube

Instead of her followers watching her eat the octopus, they ended up watching (and many were laughing!) her try as hard as she could to remove the creature off her face! Ouch. Near the end of the clip, she managed to get the octopus off her face, but it left a wound.

Photo credit: Aaron / YouTube

Seeking revenge, perhaps, the vlogger vowed to eat the octopus in the next episode – but she must have surely learned her lesson and would cook it before eating it, huh?

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