This Video Will Show You How To Cook Pasta THE RIGHT WAY

Even if it’s from Italy, pasta is a popular food in the Philippines particularly during parties. A children’s party wouldn’t be complete without spaghetti.

While cooking pasta seems very easy, most of us don’t know how to cook it THE RIGHT WAY. If you’re straining pasta on a colander after boiling, then you’re definitely doing it the wrong way. This is probably the reason why your pasta ends up getting cold and sticky.

CHOW released an instructional video to help you get the best texture of pasta. The less than a minute video is very easy to follow.

Learn how to cook the perfect pasta.

Popular Pasta Around the World

The staple food in Italian cuisine has found its way in different plates around the world. Coming in different shapes, sizes and sauce, pasta is a versatile food item that has been embraced by different cultures.

Here are some popular pasta dishes around the world, according to Huffington Post:

  1. Aushak and Mantoo (Afghanistan)- Coming in the form similar to  ravioli, Aushak and Mantoo is an Afghan cuisine that contains either a mantoo (ground lamb or beef) or aushak (scallion) filling. It is topped with ground meat sauce and garlic yoghurt sauce.
  2. Pastitsio (Greece)- Known as the Greek lasagna, this dish consist of a tubular upper layer of pasta and ground beef in nutmeg or cinnamon spiced tomato sauce middle layer. This is topped with a creamy bechamel sauce.
  3. Spaetzle (Germany) – Often served as a side dish of meaty meals with gravy, spaetzle is a dumpling-like egg noodle made by scraping off dough off a board into boiling water.
  4. Pelmini (Russia)- Typically stuffed with minced meat or mushroom, pelmini is a Russian ravioli.
  5. Kheer (India)- A popular Indian dish that typically consists of Vermicelli noodles or toasted rice, milk, sugar, and cardamom, kheer is often served during religious celebrations or festivals.