Loving Son Renovates Parents’ Home, Says This is His Proudest Moment So Far

A loving son renovates his parents’ home, saying this is his proudest moment so far. His story reverberated across the community, with many netizens hoping that all children will have the same mindset to make their parents happy…

Home Renovation for Parents

Most people aim to succeed in life and have high-paying jobs that would bring a better life to their families. Many are hoping to succeed fast so that they can still provide this better life to their parents, paying them back for the many sacrifices they made to raise their children.

For many, this also meant dreaming of buying a big home for their parents while others plan to renovate their old home, instead.

A young paramedic in Durban, South Africa shares his proudest moment so far after he was able to renovate his parents’ home! According to Muzii Mthembu, it had always been his dream to renovate his parents’ home and make them happy while they are still alive. For what use would these dreams be if they are already gone?

son renovates parents’ home

Photo credit: Muzii Mthembu / Twitter

Working hard to save money for his parents, Mthembu was finally able to achieve his long-time dream. He recently shared photos of his parents’ home, before and after the renovation. He feels happy that he is finally able to make them happy in his own way.

In the photo that Mthembu shared, his parents previously had an old-fashioned fence and gate, but he updated these to modern designs. He also made changes to their home, though he did not post before and after photos of the interior, possibly for security or privacy reasons.

Many netizens praised Mthembu, saying that they are happy to make this an inspiration to also build their parents a better home.

How to Update Your House

These days, you can find plenty of design inspirations on the internet to renovate your home. To update your house, it would be a good idea to research. If you can afford it, hire an architect or interior designer to ensure that the updates will look great.

Set aside a budget for the renovation. It might be quite costly, but you can also find deals from thrift shops for quirky furniture pieces.

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