Mila’s Lechon Issues Official Statement on Trending Lechon Photo, Reveals Scam

Over the New Year celebration, social media had been abuzz about photos of a skin-and-bones lechon allegedly from Mila’s Lechon ordered by a netizen who was furious after receiving such a small roasted pig that did not even reach 5kg!

Photo credit: Noy Cayanan Roque Rcrim / Facebook

What irked the family of netizen Noy Cayanan Roque Rcrim is that they had supposedly ordered the lechon from a reputable company to ensure they have the best roasted pig for their media noche but they ended up with something that was so small they even had to put a piece of tomato instead of the usual apple in its mouth.

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After the post went viral, a lot of people expressed anger at Mila’s Lechon for cheating the customer of their cash but a few days later, the popular lechon company issued an official statement regarding the issue.

It turned out Mila’s Lechon had no hand in this order as the customer did not buy from their official website or Facebook page and had not been dealing with them at all. In short, Noy and his family had been scammed!

What’s bad is that the scammers had used the popular lechon company’s name to sell, later dragging it unfairly to the controversy.

Mila’s Lechon assured its customers that they are investigating the matter and that they would always issue an official receipt to the buyers, unlike the fake company that delivered the lechon to Noy’s family.

The customer later acknowledged the error, admitting that they had no idea that the site they were buying from was not the real Mila’s Lechon; although he should not also be blamed considering the lechon company has a lot of branches and the scammers had used its name, even delivering the product with the trademark brown paper printed with the brand’s name.

Both Noy’s family and Mila’s Lechon were victims of the scam. We hope the scammers will be apprehended soon.

Read the lechon company’s full statement here: