WATCH: Mikey Bustos’ Latest Parody About Pinoy Style Circumcision 

Former Canadian Idol contestant and internet sensation Mikey Bustos totally nailed Filipino traditional circumcision in his parody of Sam Smith’s hit “Stay With Me”.

Early this month, Bustos’s “All About That Bass” parody made rounds in the internet. Bustos was able to perfectly match the catchy tune of the song with lyrics describing a typical day in markets in the Philippines.

This time, the Filipino-Canadian singer once again captured the Filipino culture of circumcision in his pop hit parody. Unlike traditional circumcision done in hospitals, Pinoy style circumcision or “pukpok” usually involves a piece of wood called “suborn”. Usually done in remote areas in the Philippines, the boys who undergo this type of procedure are only made to chew guava leaves instead of receiving anaesthesia. The boys are later forced to wear skirts for a few weeks so that their wounds will heal fast.

If you want to know more about this unusual Pinoy tradition, check out Bustos’ funny video Circumcising Me | Stay With Me (Filipino Sam Smith Parody).

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