Video of Girl Crying Hard While Sending Off Maid at the Airport Touches Netizens

It is actually a sad reality that in many households, the children are closer to the housemaids and nannies than to their parents. Often, the reason for this is that the parents are too busy spending hours away from the house as they work to provide their children a comfortable life.

And while we hear so many stories about housemaids getting badly treated abroad, many have also shared wonderful stories of how they were lucky to have such good employers who don’t only treat them well but also provide them a good life and treat them like family.

Photo credit: Facebook / Kuching Talk

Recently, the video of a young girl crying hard while sending off their housemaid at the airport has gone viral, touching the hearts of netizens who could relate with the situation.

The family was at the airport, bidding goodbye to their housemaid. The identity of the people in the video were not revealed, but some people think the family is Chinese while the housemaid is a Filipina.

Photo credit: Facebook / Kuching Talk

What is clear in the video, however, is that they were having a difficult time letting the housemaid go at the airport because the little girl was crying her heart out. It is unknown also if the housemaid was only going on a vacation back to her hometown or if she was going back home for good – yet it was clear that the girl doesn’t want her to go.

Photo credit: Facebook / Kuching Talk

But the child’s mother would also be crying soon as she saw just how badly her daughter felt. It’s certainly hard to see your child cry, especially over a housemaid she didn’t want to go.

Of course, the housemaid really has to go or else she would miss her flight. Thus, the child had to pried apart from the helper and really had to say her final goodbyes.

Photo credit: Facebook / Kuching Talk

While people commented that the video was truly heartbreaking, others said that this was traumatic for the little girl – the housemaid should have been taken to the airport by someone else in the family or just asked to ride a cab so the girl didn’t have to experience this heartbreaking moment…

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