Brave Kid Hailed a Hero for Saving Kitten from Storm Drain

A brave kid risked his own life to save a kitten from drowning in the storm drain! Netizens admired the kid, saying that he’s really a great boy who thinks about others in need, even stray animals…

Brave Kid Earns Admiration

Many would say that a lot of young people these days only think of themselves, yet there are still a lot of children and young ones out there who actually think about others more than themselves. In fact, there are still a lot of them who risk their lives to save others in need.

Photo credit: Malaysia Animal Association / Facebook

Recently, a kid in Malaysia went viral after he was hailed a hero by netizens for saving a kitten from a storm drain. Because the water was high and the kitten was so helpless, many netizens thought that it would not survive for long in that cold water. Moreover, it might not be able to swim yet because it is very young.

Not worrying too much about his own safety, the kid ran home to get a net so he could save the little cat. Carrying that net, he crawled inside the tunnel and saved the kitten from drowning!

The actions of this little boy who was willing to enter a deep monsoon drain to save the life of a kitten is very admirable. It illustrates high levels of awareness and humanity towards animals from a child,” wrote the Malaysia Animal Association with admiration.

The Malaysia Animal Association wishes a thousand thank yous to this brave boy. We are happy to give the little boy a consolatory gift. We are requesting that the boy or his guardians to contact us in order to claim the gift at +6011-20901097.

Wow! He even got a reward. Isn’t that awesome? Cool kid!

What’s a Storm Drain?

A storm drain is a sewer or type of infrastructure that’s designed to draw excess rain and groundwater from impervious surfaces like parking lots, sidewalks, roofs, and paved streets.