Cat’s Guilty Face Goes Viral after ‘Redecorating’ Its Owner’s Cake Order

A cat destroys cake ordered by a customer from its owner –and went viral for its hilarious guilty face. Netizens are having a good time making funny excuses for the cat – and even the owner couldn’t help but laugh at the cat’s antics.

Cat Destroys Owner’s Cake Order

Many of us love animals and they can be such a joy to have at home. But everyone knows that they can be so mischievous, too!

How many of us lost our slippers or various important things in the house because of dogs chewing on them, huh? Some dogs also steal food! LOL

But a Malaysian woman, Myra Kunchit, had a really difficult day when her cat destroyed the cake that she made for a customer. She was supposed to deliver the cake the following day but could no longer do that because the cat got to it first.

Sad story of the day. He made mummy very angry today because he ate mummy’s freshly-baked layered cake that was meant for a customer 😭. I thought I could deliver it tomorrow, but things didn’t go according to plan it seems,” she shared on Facebook group Kucing Sepahkan Apa Hari Ini? (What Did The Cat Say Today)

She added, “He even made a puppy face after being guilty of eating the cake. I can’t even scold him after looking at that face 😌😭

According to Myra, her cat Mimet isn’t really mischievous and it’s the first time he did it. She’s a home baker so there are always lots of cakes on the table and kitchen counters, yet Mimet never did anything to them.

It’s unknown what triggered the cat to dig into this particular cake, but he sure looked so guilty when Myra scolded him. He even ran away afterward and hid in the cabinet. LOL.

Many netizens jokingly defended the cat.

It’s mummy’s fault for not keeping it at a secure spot… Mummy didn’t write a sticker saying it’s a customer’s order, so Mimet didn’t know…” one wrote.

He’s just helping out by decorating it for you. He thought that you didn’t keep it means it’s for him to decorate,” another joked.

Are Cats Mischievous?

Cats can be quiet and lazy, sleeping the entire day and not bothering anyone. Yet cats can also be mischievous and love to play around.

Kittens are especially more energetic and could knock off items from the table or shelf.

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