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Video of Dog and Dolphin Swimming Together in River Wows Netizens

Dogs are land creatures and dolphins are water creatures, but these facts did not stop a dolphin and a dog from playing with each other at a river in Australia! A video of the beautiful moment wowed netizens, going viral as viewers enjoyed the lovely sight.

Photo credit: Billie-Michelle Eastwood / Facebook

My partner and I were having a picnic around 8:00 pm along the Patawalonga Creek, as we heard someone calling out their dogs name. I looked down at the water and saw a Black Labrador swimming in the middle of the creek.

At second look, there was a dolphin and the black lab was paddling along after it as if they were playing and getting along. I walked down to access the situation. 20 minutes had passed of the dog swimming and playing around with the dolphin and a crowd had gathered,” shared Billie-Michelle Eastwood.

Photo credit: Billie-Michelle Eastwood / Facebook

It was truly a beautiful thing to watch – and netizens wished the video was longer.

Photo credit: Billie-Michelle Eastwood / Facebook

The Black Labrador was exhausted after very happily swimming around with the dolphin for half an hour. He finally decided to make his way back to his owner and as he was swimming back, the dolphin took a twirly charge at the dog and threw himself back the other way and flew graciously over the dog in a playful manner.

It was a very happy and exciting moment to experience. The dog arrived safely back in his owners presence as the on-lookers cheered him on.”

It is unknown whether the dog and this dolphin had long been friends or if the playful moment was just a chance encounter. But what really matters is that these two had a great deal of fun!

Photo credit: Billie-Michelle Eastwood / Facebook

Many people also commented that it was awesome that the two were playing with each other out there in the ‘wild’, in the natural environment instead of a zoo or a man-made location…

Must watch till the end!! Someone’s Black Labrador hopped into the Patawalonga Creek in Glenelg SA last night and found himself playing around with one of the dolphins! Was incredible to watch 😊

Posted by Billie-Michelle Eastwood on Sunday, January 20, 2019

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