Whose Fault is It? Spine-chilling Video of Bike vs. Truck Accident

It is an accident I do not want to personally witness – for I might get a heart attack on the spot.

This morning, an accident happened at Ortigas Extension. The incident was caught on camera and later shared by a YouScooper on GMA News’ YouScoop.

Here’s the footage of the spine-chilling accident:

Who is at Fault?

Immediately after the video was posted on Facebook by GMA News, a debate ensued as to who was at fault in the incident.

A lot of people blamed the cyclist because he was coming from the truck driver’s blind side – it was somewhat nearly impossible for the driver to notice him from that side. However, many pointed out that the bicycle was using the pedestrian lane; so, despite the supposed blind side, the truck driver should have been extra careful before moving his vehicle just in case there was still a pedestrian trying to cross.

The law states that drivers should always let people cross on the pedestrian lane. In fact, when the light turns red, vehicles who stop on top of the zebra marks should be penalized because they are obstructing the way for pedestrians to safely pass.

Now, the truck was not really blocking the pedestrian lane and the light had turned green already, so the driver had the right to move his vehicle. It is worthy of note, however, that the truck was mere inches from the pedestrian lane; thus, the driver should have really double checked before stepping on the gas.

So, might it be possible that the truck driver did not think the cyclist would cross the pedestrian lane because he was on a bicycle, not on foot? That is also a possibility. In this case, you can fault the cyclist.

Who do you think is at fault in this video? Right now, I really do not know whose side I am taking because both certainly have their own shortcomings. What I am thankful for is that the cyclist escaped with his body intact…This particular incident could have gotten really bad and the cyclist crushed under the heavy weight of that monstrous truck.

People must always practice defensive driving, whether driving a small vehicle like a bicycle or monstrous ones like trucks. Stay safe, everyone…