WATCH: How to Escape from Zip Ties in Less Than One Minute

In this day and age where lots of people are doing bad things just for fun or for money, it is always best to be prepared for the worst that be shocked with what could be happening to you and your family! This is one of the reasons why mom Michelle O’Neal shares a video of her daughter escaping from a zip tie in less than one minute.

Here’s the scenario: Thugs could kidnap you or your kids – and put zip ties around your wrists because, well, zip ties are the norm to use these days since handcuffs are quite expensive while zip ties are really, really cheap! Even law enforcements use zip ties but mostly the flex cuffs variety which is harden to break away from compared with ordinary zip ties.

Anyway, as morbid as the topic might be, let’s just hope that the criminal uses ordinary zip ties to lock you up – and let’s hope you are also wearing sneakers with shoelaces and that the crooks left you all alone so you can escape. Also, let’s also hope that the crooks were kind enough to tie your wrists in front as this method would be quite impossible to do if your hands are tied up at the back, just like how cops handcuff people they arrest!


Composite images from video by Michelle O’Neal

So, here’s what you should do (or what you should teach the kids to do):

Untie the shoelaces and loop this through and around the zip tie before making a knot. Then, do a bicycle motion to saw through the zip tie and break it apart. Voila! Within seconds you or your child will be free!

There are a lot of naysayers who are saying that this technique would be useless in most situations because the crooks would probably be nearby and you or the child will never have the chance to try this technique – and also, there are lots of other things to be worried about other than taking off the zip ties.

Well, that is true, of course, but O’Neal still shared the video in hopes that it could help even just one child in trouble someday. Amazingly, some cops think the same way because the video has been re-posted by at least one police department, with one confirmed re-posting by a police department in Idaho!

Could your kids escape if they were handcuffed with a zip tie? Teach them how to free themselves in less than a minute!
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Posted by Michelle O’Neal on Thursday, September 1, 2016