This Boy was Bullied for Liking Flamenco Until Dad Introduced Him to Martial Arts

It is sad how bullying can prevent people from living their dreams and even cost their lives but there are still things that others can do to help.

Take for instance this young Hispanic lad who loves dancing and wishes he could also do Flamenco but he gets bullied for his dreams by the other boys in the neighborhood, possibly because they believe that dancing (especially a colorful one like Flamenco) is not something that boys should be doing.

The boy’s dad appears to be angry at the young lad’s choice of hobbies. To ‘man the boy up’, dad gives him a martial arts uniform and takes him to gym for lessons. At first, the boy looks helpless and was easily beaten up by his classmates but as the days passed, he got better.

Soon, he was so much better that he earns one belt after another. In all his trainings and competitions, dad was there to watch. He never told his son he was proud of him yet the actions he showed conveyed this message, anyway.

Little by the little the boy grows confident and though he still gets bullied by the neighborhood boys, he no longer looks like he was afraid of them at all.

Screenshot of YouTube video by American Family Insurance

Screenshot of YouTube video by American Family Insurance

As he moved up the ranks of martial arts, the young gained confidence and strength, indeed.

One day, his dad gave him something that totally surprised him: a flamenco costume!

It was difficult to imagine that this dad, this very strict dad who forced his son to join martial arts classes, would actually give the boy the flamenco costume he wanted but it seems that this was his own version of ‘daddy insurance’ wherein he toughens up the boy for what is to come so he could learn how to defend himself if he needs to.

Watch the video here:


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