VIDEO: 6-Year-Old Girl’s Awesome Drum Cover of Van Halen’s Jump 

Unlike other girls her age, 6-year-old girl Eduarda Henklein from Joinville, Brazil prefers playing drumsticks than dolls. The young drummer will leave you in awe with her jaw-dropping drum cover of hit songs from Pearl Jam, Led Zeppelin, Metallica and other artists you wouldn’t expect a young girl would listen to.

At the age 4, Eduarda began exploring the instrument after her parents gave her toy drums. Her father encouraged her to take drum lessons after he noticed her interest in playing drums. Inspired by drummer Neil Peart, the young girl likes to play Rock and roll as well as other rhythms like Reggae and Samba.

The young girl has already performed with national artists like Claudia Leitte, Lulu Santos, KLB Wanessa, Thaeme & Thiago and Edson & Hudson.

In her interview with, Eduarda revealed that she wishes to play with the AC/DC band.

“I’d like to play with AC/DC, I love they and their music’s made me famous. The first music that I learned to play was “Back In Black,” and I liked a lot,” she said.

With her impressive skills, the young girl who can barely reach the cymbals has amassed thousands of subscribers on her YouTube channel.

Watch the young artist shred the drums with her amazing cover of Van Halen’s Jump.

Van Halen: One of the 80’s Most Successful Rock Bands

Formed in Pasadena, California in 1972, the American rock band originally comprised of Eddie Van Halen (guitarist), David Lee Roth (vocalist), Alex Van Halen (drummer) and Michael Anthony (bassist) has become one of the most successful rock acts in the 1980’s.

Because of various departures of former band members, Van Halen became very controversial. Still, this didn’t stop the band from achieving worldwide fame for their popular hits and larger than life stage performances. The band was inducted to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and has been ranked 7th on VH1’s top 100 hard rock artists of all time.

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