‘Us the Duo’ Sings the Top Hits of 2014 in Just 2.5 Minutes

Singing sensation and real-life couple ‘Us the Duo’ created yet another hit when they made a medley of the top hits of 2014.

They managed to place 12 songs into one song, creating a smooth-flowing song featuring the year’s top hits. Considering how different these songs are from one another, it takes real talent to sew them together to create one beautifully executed song.

Of course, it makes a huge plus that the guy is great on the keyboard while his lady has a lovely voice. Together, they truly make a great pair.

If you are looking for proof that the pair created a good song, then just check the YouTube hits of this particular video. To date, the clip has over 3.5 million views within 10 days after it was uploaded by the pair on their official YouTube channel.

Watch the awesome video and tell us what you think about this medley.

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