Heartbreaking Message from Dad Whose Daughter was Killed by Drunk-Driving Mom

It is hard to lose your own child, especially if it was through something as preventable as a drunk-driving incident. What is harder to accept is that it was you or your own partner who took away the child’s life.

This is the heartbreaking message shared by Rick Ellis on YouTube.

His daughter Lindsey Kay was just 6 years old when she died a tragic death because of the stupid actions of one drunk driver. The identity of the drunk driver? The child’s own mother!

Holding back tears, this loving dad narrated how his ex-wife Christy had been on a drinking binge for two days because her boyfriend abused her. Christy took refuge in alcohol to forget her problems – and was not thinking of her own child.

On that tragic day, she was trying to drive while she was heavily drunk. The car crashed and they died instantly. Perhaps, the only solace for Rick here is that his princess did not suffer because she died upon impact. But it was too tragic to accept how it was her own mother who killed her because of her irresponsible actions.

He shares his story to the public to warn those with addictions to stop before they get someone killed by their own actions.

Watch the heartbreaking video here:

Drunk Driving in the Philippines

In the Philippines, there are no strict laws against drunk driving – I haven’t heard of anyone caught because of a DUI [driving under the influence] offense; though I certainly have seen at least a thousand people driving the streets while clearly drunk.

We’ve even met an accident some years ago because of a drunk guy who was too intoxicated to control his motorcycle. Thankfully, that was not fatal; though he simply picked up his motorcycle and zoomed away to flee the scene [I hope he did not meet another accident while running away].

There should be laws against drunk driving here. Better yet, our policemen should be equipped with breath analyzers to check the levels of alcohol on these irresponsible drivers. How many lives have been snuffed because of their lack of concern for others?

Even in the US and other advanced countries where the police strictly goes against DUI offenders, thousands of fatal accidents continue to happen each year. Let’s hope our lawmakers and government officials can also do something about this perennial problem.

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