The Best Flashmob: A Surprise Proposal for the Choreographer!

Flashmobs are awesome. The surprise performance often delights the surprised crowd as they watch the presentation unfold right before their eyes.

Often, flashmobs are made to create a huge visual and auditory impact to the viewers; perhaps to raise awareness for a certain cause [such as an orchestra performing in the streets] or for a Christmas presentation.

Flashmobs have also become popular in marriage proposals.

So, when Tania was asked by her boyfriend, Vartan, to help him choreographed a flashmob for a couple’s wedding proposal, she was so excited about it. Together with the groom [who was later revealed as a paid actor], they planned the flashmob.

Playing her part, Tania met with the couple at the designated part of the square where the flashmob will be held. When the music began to play and the first dancers took their places, she pointed this out to the lovely lady who turned right on cue to watch the performance.

The next moments were awesome. Watch how Tania reacted to the surprise proposal here:

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