Ellen DeGeneres Surprises A Fan With Brand New Car

21-year-old Carly Christiansen recently had the surprise of her life when she was scheduled for a set visit for her favorite show, The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

The junior Brigham Young University student is currently taking up geospatial intelligence. Aside from academics, she also keeps herself busy volunteering at a woman’s prison as well as serving as a substitute teacher.

Amazingly, she does all that without a car. An interview with her revealed that she only uses a brakeless bike or rides a bus. Sometimes, she skateboards too but she stopped doing so when she broke her arm.

Aware of all that, Ellen eventually surprised her with a brand new 2016 Ford Focus. Carly was all amazed and exclaimed “It’s beautiful!”

Carly has been a longtime fan of Ellen, claiming that as a child, she and her sister would only behave once they hear the show’s theme song playing on the TV.

Different Ways to Volunteer

With how busy we all are with our individual lives, finding the time to volunteer can be particularly difficult. Still, the rewards of volunteering are undeniably enormous. You can make new friends, gain new experiences, and improve your social and relationship skills. Some even credit volunteerism as an effective way of combating depression and increasing self-confidence.

As Sherry Anderson once said, “Volunteers don’t get paid, not because they’re worthless, but because they’re priceless.”

If you are interested in trying volunteer work, you can contact local centers that provide care for elderly people. You can also get in touch with schools in your area that may need volunteers for various tasks such as reading stories to elementary students, tutoring, being a chaperone for field trips, maintaining a library, or cleaning the school grounds.

Hospitals also offer meaningful opportunities to serve with different tasks such as helping with food service, pushing wheelchairs, and a whole lot more.