Ukrainian Actress Doesn’t Look Like Her Passport Photo, Gets Stopped at Airport

A Ukrainian actress doesn’t look like her passport photo – and this turned out to be a difficult thing to explain when she got stopped at the airport because the airport officials aren’t sure if she was using legitimate documents. Uh-oh.

Ukrainian Actress Stopped at Airport for Different Passport Photo

We’ve all heard of jokes about not using too many filters (or makeup) in IDs because the authorities won’t recognize the real you when they check your documents.

Many people might look great in their IDs or social media profiles, with smooth faces and gorgeous features, yet their real faces might be different.

Photo credit: Tatiana Lin

But at times, the photos on the government IDs really look bad – and you might not even look like the person in the photo.

That’s what happened to Ukrainian actress Tatiana Lin who claims that she was stopped by immigration staff at a Malaysian airport on 14 February, Valentine’s Day, because she looks nothing like her passport photo.

The 24-year-old actress is based in Taiwan and currently dating Malaysian actor Hero Tai while balancing her own career in acting and modeling.

Photo credit: Tatiana Lin

It’s not surprising that she always looks glammed up in her photos, especially because she makes a living in the entertainment industry and must look gorgeous at all times.

But it seems that she had an issue with her passport photo because when she went to the airport, the airport officials allegedly stopped her.

At the time, Lin was trying to fly from Taiwan to Malaysia, but the immigration staff still refused to let her pass.


The actress later took to social media to share her embarrassing experience, admitting that “I look different from my passport photo.

Later, she also posted an Instagram story without her makeup on, writing “I, indeed, don’t look the same.

Photo credit: Tatiana Lin

Many netizens found the incident amusing, especially because so many jokes have been made about this kind of situation.

Others applauded the airport officials for standing their ground, especially because the actress didn’t really look the same as her passport photo – and she even admits to that.

Rules on Passport Photos

Different countries might have different rules on passport photos, but these are usually followed:

  • No filters (such as those on social media)
  • No colored contact lenses
  • No eyeglasses
  • No makeup
  • No hats or other accessories (including headphones or wireless devices)
  • Only plain, white background

Some countries also prohibit people from wearing uniforms, including camouflage attire, in their passport photos.

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