These Asian Animals Can Kill You in Seconds…Avoid at All Costs!

There are animals that are harmless and there are those that can kill you in a matter of seconds! The good news here is that you don’t normally find all these deadly animals in one place; though you would likely do so at the zoo but, thankfully, they are usually placed in enclosures there where they could not harm you unless you purposefully get inside the pens, of course.

Now, when it comes to deadly animals, there’s probably no need for us to warn you to stay away from them but there are people who have been reported to forget such things out of excitement (such as the guy who took a selfie with a rattlesnake!). So, we felt the need to warn you about some of the deadliest animals you might encounter in Asia.

Be warned: If ever you get the chance to see these creatures, never attempt to engage them or touch them or try to see whether you can take the best selfie with them in the background!

Of the deadliest Asian animals listed in this video by Slapped Ham, the Bengal tiger is the most infamous in that this creature has figured in so many news items for attacking villages and targeting innocent villagers for food! Although tigers do not usually attack humans, the destruction of their natural habitats has pushed them towards the villages to look for food.

What’s even more alarming is that there have been reports of these Bengal tigers actually developing a taste for humans and hunting people almost exclusively for food! Thankfully, these human-targeting tigers have been hunted down but just in case you see a tiger while traveling to the towns of Asia, particularly in India and Bangladesh, pray hard that it isn’t a man-eating tiger and leave the spot as soon as you can.

Aside from the deadly Bengal tiger, here are some of Asia’s deadliest animals: