Guy Shares Heartbreaking Story of Kid Who Wasn’t Able to Eat for 3 Days Due to Lockdown

A Malaysian guy who has been going around the neighborhood to share some food and other supplies to families affected by the COVID-19 lockdown shared the heartbreaking story of a kid who wasn’t able to eat for 3 days!

Poor Families More Affected by Lockdown

Understanding that it is the poor families who are more affected by the lockdown because they could not buy enough food to eat for the entire period, Mohd Zaki Bin Salleh and his friends decided to share their blessings.

Every day, Mohd Zaki and his friends would buy food and various stuff to share for these less fortunate families. They didn’t even know these families, yet they simply wanted to help.

While in one of those charity runs, a kid hurried to Mohd Zakiand asked for food.

This is the reality of how things are. I stopped my car and along came Krisnen asking, ‘Uncle do have any food? It has been three days since I’ve last eaten,’” Mohd Zakishared on his Facebook page.

Worried about what he heard, Mohd Zakiasked whether the kid was living alone. He wasn’t so surprised to learn that Krisnen was not alone but lives with his family, yet he wasn’t able to eat because his dad lost his job.

I asked him how many are there in your home? Krisnen mentioned that there were five. So I gave him five packets of rice with catfish and gravy. I’m sure his family will enjoy their meal tonight.

Mohd Zaki was able to give him some food, yet he also worried that the boy and his family won’t be able to eat the next days because the food won’t last several days. Some netizens offered to help raise more funds for Mohd Zaki and his advocacy, in hopes that no family will go hungry until the lockdown is lifted.

What’s an Advocacy?

An advocacy is an activity, done by an individual or group of people, that aims to help influence decisions within political, economic, and social institutions. It is also defined as “any action that speaks in favor of, recommends, argues for a cause, supports or defends, or pleads on behalf of others.”